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Friday, August 20, 2010

Ministry Visit #4

***Before I write about yesterday's visit, please accept my apology - I didn't get to blog about 'Ministry Visit #3' because our family was out of town. The team had a great visit last week and five adults accepted Christ! And to date, there are a total of eight people who have asked Jesus into their heart! Praise the Lord! ***

We arrived at camp yesterday morning and there were no little friends running out to greet us. It appeared that no one was home and I have to admit, my heart sank. We've known this day was coming soon- when the families would be moving on to the next farm, the next state, etc. But I wanted to hug my little friends one more time, and since I missed last week's ministry visit, my heart was very heavy.

However, there were two older girls, asleep in the back of one trailer. They woke up and explained that some of the children were at another camp about 20 minutes away. Our team loaded back into our vehicles and headed to the second location.

At the second camp, we were greeted by many smiling little faces! We sang and danced to fun praise music, we made bracelets with beads representing the colors of faith, we ate snacks, and we took pictures and immediately printed them out for each child to keep. It was so sweet to watch the anticipation building as we would wait for a picture to print out! Those pictures were like little treasures for these children. ( And I was fortunate enough to get one picture taken with my precious little amiga, Pearla.)

One thing I heard multiple times throughout the morning, from different members of our ministry team, "These children have just blessed me so much." Isn't God amazing? Not only did He invite us to be part of His plan for these children and their families to hear the gospel, but God brought these beautiful children into our lives to teach us.

If you attend Faith Baptist Church, you may have seen many of these migrant families at church last Sunday. Several families will be joining us again this week! Thank you, thank you, thank you for praying for these families!

"From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked."- Luke 12:48b


  1. awesome!!! God is so amazing! He has done a great thing!

  2. Thank you Sarah! I hate that we missed you with our impromptu visit to NC earlier this month, but we should be back for a short visit late October, and I'd love to at least see you on a Sunday morning! I'm not quite sure of the timing of the trip yet, but we may even stay through the fall festival at the church. We'll definitely see you some way or another!

  3. (and no, it's not weird at all :) )

  4. Hey Sarah!!
    School is AWESOME in zach's words!! That was the first day. So yes it is going well. Sarah is doing great too.
    So glad to see you are touching these children's life. God is great!! And I'll keep praying for the group.
    Misse being able to talk to you sunday. We realy need to catch up soon!! I would love to hear about the homeschooling. Take care and God Bless, Love Catherne