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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Easter Story

Emma Grace is very excited about the Easter bunny! She is already playing with her Easter basket, hiding plastic eggs, and asking (frequently) if Easter is coming soon. The other day we talked about the real reason we celebrate Easter, and her response was precious:
"Wubs, remember when we celebrated Christmas, and Santa came to our house?"
Yeah! And he brought me Beggie Tales and Bruno?" (Veggie Tales and a Pluto dog)
"Mmm-hmmm. And do you remember that we really celebrate Christmas because it is Jesus' happy birthday? Well, Easter is very wonderful, too, and not just because the Easter Bunny is coming!"
"And I get candy and eggs and toys!"
"That's right, the Easter Bunny will bring treats. But the reason why Easter is sooo special is because guess what happened? Remember how Jesus had friends, called the disciples? Well, there were people who didn't want to be Jesus' friends. They didn't like Jesus, and they were angry. They decided to hit Jesus, and kick Jesus, and throw rocks at him..."
"Oh, mama! That's not nice!" (Sad little eyes, hanging on my every word)
"And then, they took a hammer and they hit Jesus' hands and feet with nails and they put him on a cross. And he died on the cross, Wubs."
"Jesus died for us on the cross. I remember." (Wubs let out a big sigh...she really did remember that part! Daddy prays with Wubs each night. She remembers what he's told her! )
"After Jesus died, they took him off of the cross and put him inside a cave, called a tomb. And they rolled a really big, big rock in front of the door. But then guess what happened?? Three days later, Jesus came out! He was ALIVE, Wubs!!"
Wubs entire face lit up with excitement- " Wow mama! That was the biggest surprise for the world!!!!"

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. wink!

"I tell you the truth, anyone who will not recieve the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it." - Mark 10: 15

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  1. Oh, we would all be so much better off if we stayed more childlike in some ways. :) Sweet Wubs!

    No, we won't be coming home for Easter. We'll be there mid June though, I think from the 12-14 and then the 21-the first week of July (we would like to spend the 4th in NC if possible).