Our Journey Home

Friday, July 2, 2010


I have no sense of direction. None. I drive the same familiar routes, even if it's not the most direct path, just for the security of knowing I will indeed arrive. wink.

The other day, the girls were in the car with me as we were driving to drop off a little treat for a friend. ( We made homemade boiled peanuts. They were yummy!) We were driving our well-known route when I began to see bright orange detour signs. Wubs saw them too.

"Mommy, do those signs say 'Don't go this way! It is dangerous!' ?"
"Well, they say we need to try to go another way. I think some men are working on the road to Miss Shonna's house." I turned our car around and began to try to navigate another path to our friend's house.

"Mommy, we have never been this way! This is the wrong way! Oh, man. We are getting so lost. I think we should go back home. Maybe we need a map. This is bad."
"Wubs, it's alright. Just trust mommy, okay? Why don't you look out the window? Maybe you'll see a dog."

Later as I was thinking back through the events of the day, I thought about Wubs' anxiety about that detour. Even though we arrived safely, she was distracted by the new, unfamiliar, unwanted route. It made me think about the many times in my life, when I have heard myself asking God, "Are You sure this is the right way? Because I have never gone this way, and well- it's not what I had in mind. Can't I just stay right here?" I am so thankful the Lord is in control of my life and He has determined the path for me. I would have missed out on all God has revealed to me about His tender love and amazing grace, because I would have never taken the detours He had planned. I am praying that the next time I find myself questioning God's path for my life, I will simply trust Him completely and enjoy the comfort of being in the backseat!

"I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness."- Jeremiah 31:3b

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  1. Detours are the best...unless they are because of a bomb threat on the highway! ;p We were detoured for about an hour on our way out of town on Wednesday...argh...I was able to test out my mad navigating skills though with the help of my handy dandy iPhone! :o) Detours are a way of life around here...thing is that THEY ARE God's plan...just a detour from MY plan!! LOVE IT!