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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to Know Where Grace Lives

Several months ago, I was given a book. I love to read, but this book went directly on the bookshelf without even a quick scan through the chapters. I thought maybe I'd have time to read it 'one day', but it wasn't high on my book list simply because of the title:Tender Mercy for a Mother's Soul. I enjoy reading books that challenge me and help me grow in my spiritual journey with the Lord. This book just looked too fluffy and instead of reading cotton candy, I prefer to read real food. I confess, I was judging this book by its cover! wink!

However, I finally picked it up. I began consuming the chapters and I quickly realized that I had made a mistake! One of my favorite chapters discusses how to know where grace lives. Here are just a few of the ways to spot a home where grace and joy reside:

"*You can see people dancing where grace lives, because moms hang up the phone, turn up the music, and dance over the victories of their children. Sometimes the children just watch from behind their cereal and "catch" the grace of a silly mom.
*The eyes of the children where grace lives shine with joy and anticipation. They have not been wounded by impossible expectations. They have note been distanced by rejection. They have been embraced and accepted and loved.
*You can hear things like 'Please forgive me, I was wrong... I'm disappointed but I love you... You are my treasure...You are my blessing... Let me pray for you.'
*The moms at the house where grace lives are just regular, every day moms, but God lives inside them. By His power, they are becoming holy and righteous and good. They stumble but recover quickly. The make mistakes but say, "I'm sorry." They get blown by the winds of heartache and adversity, but their hearts remain tender toward God."

I thank the Lord every day for the grace He lavishes on me. I pray that our home will always be a place where grace can be found!

"Test me, O Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind. For your love is ever before me, and I walk continually in your truth."- Psalm 26:2-3

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  1. Wow!! Thank you for writing this out! What a message to all of us moms! I would love to read this if you wouldn't mind passing it along when you are done. wink!