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Friday, May 6, 2011

The uninvited belly rub

I am over 38 weeks pregnant. I have a very, very big belly. I am uncomfortable and I feel very ready to hold our son in my arms rather than in my womb. I have tried my best to be gracious when unkind comments have been made. I have smiled and politely answered the question, "How are you feeling?" even when I have been asked more times than I can count. But today, today I was pushed to my limit. Today I was rubbed down (a two handed rub down, to be exact) by a stranger at the Dollar Store.

I was standing in the card aisle of our local Dollar Store, with Wubs and Bella beside me. As I was browsing, a woman came up to me and (very loudly) asked, "When is that baby due?!?" I explained that I only have about 13 more days to go and before I could even grasp what was about to happen, she took both of her hands and began caressing my ENTIRE stomach. So as she is giving me this thorough rub down, she is asking me more questions, such as "Were you this big with the other ones?" and "Do you think you'll really make it another week?" I could barely process what she was saying because not only was she standing in extreme proximity to my face, she still had both hands locked and engaged on my belly.

We have worked very hard to train our children to wait to speak until it is their turn... especially while daddy and mommy are in a conversation with another grown up. But THANKFULLY Bella really struggles in this area and she interrupted this uninvited belly rub escapade, by requesting a trip to look at the balloons. "Oh, excuse me but I need to go. Have a nice day." I have never ducked out of a conversation so quickly. I just couldn't take it any more. wink.

The moral to my story... All belly rubs should be administered only after an invitation has been extended. And even if an invitation is granted, the five second rule should always be applied.

"We live by faith, not by sight."- 2 Corinthians 5:7


  1. Wow! I am truly amazed by people. Well, you gave us a laugh this afternoon. That had to be horribly awkward and shocking, but you totally handled it well!

  2. This gave me a full out belly laugh! You have such a sweet spirit and I would have LOVED to see your face as this woman was rubbing your belly. Priceless! Thank God for Bella's struggles today! HA!

  3. Oh my gosh Sarah - biggest peeve of pregnancy. I'm not a touchy feeling person to begin with, I was okay with my friends and coworkers doing it but a stranger ... I would have flipped out. Speaking of which, when's that baby coming? :) We arrive on the 14th and leave the 24th, I expect to see that little boy!

  4. Oh, Sweet Sarah! I love you! You made me smile!

  5. A TWO handed belly rub? Phew! What an experience! And you handed it so gracefully! You are an amazing woman - making delicious lemonade out of lemons! Love you!

  6. I remember when you were pregnant with Bella, the staff where we used to work did the same thing. It annoyed the heck out of you!

    I don't know why people think, just because a woman is pregnant, all social parameters of "personal space" disappears!

    You did handle the situation with the grace I remember you having. Yay you!