Our Journey Home

Thursday, November 29, 2012

a scary mommy moment

I had just arrived home with our three children from a quick trip to the grocery store. I hadn't even taken off my jacket as I started to put away the food we had purchased. JJ was happily following me from the kitchen to the pantry, helping me unload the grocery bags. When I set a bag of flour on one of the pantry shelves, I heard a small sound. Kind of like a little cracking sound. I heard it again and I instictively reached both of my hands up and stood with one knee out. I grabbed onto the pantry shelving unit as it started to buckle and separate from the wall. It all happened so fast. Our pantry was about to possibly collapse. "Wubs! Wubs!" Wubs came to my aid quickly and I asked her to pick up JJ and carry him into the living room. Then I told her to bring me the telephone and close the pantry door. I knew that this could be dangerous if the shelving  fell down, and if someone was going to get hurt, I only wanted it to be me! wink. Wubs did great! She babysat her siblings while I was locked in the pantry, holding up the five shelves. I called the church and asked to speak to David. I tried hard not to sound panicked as I told my wonderful husband  about the current situation. He came right home (he was here in no time!) and  he found me in the pantry, doing my best to prevent the shelves from crashing down. David handled everything! He got all the food off the shelves and removed some of the boards,  so I was able to let go. I started crying with relief! I was so grateful that the Lord had orchestrated every detail in such a way that no one got hurt! Here are a few pictures from the excitement!
The boards were removed from the shelving unit, but you can see where one whole side had pulled away from the wall.

This is a picture of our kitchen counter, covered in pantry items! Our children have never requested so many snacks as they did yesterday afternoon. wink!
David is going to install a new shelving system and I'll be sure to post an update!
"May the Lord direct your hearts into God's love and Christ's perserverance."- 2 Thessalonions 3:5


  1. Whoa Mamma! It's a good thing you have those mamma guns!! I'm so glad this situation turned well for everyone. I love you and miss you Best Friend!!!!!!!

  2. Whoa! I'm so glad that you are okay and that you thought to do what you did!!!