Our Journey Home

Monday, July 6, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge vacation!

Last Thursday, our family went on a special vacation! We traveled to Concord, NC to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge. The Great Wolf Lodge is a hotel known for its indoor waterpark, rustic atmosphere, and fun family activities. We stopped for a picnic lunch along the way.

Wubs was tall enough to ride most of the waterslides, although she only wanted to ride the 'green one' over and over again! There was so much to do- both at the indoor waterpark and at the outdoor pool area. We also enjoyed a puppet show, the arcade, and lots of delicious food!

Before we left town, we needed to stop somewhere for dinner. Daddy treated his girls to Chuck E. Cheese. Wubs and Bella were absolutely thrilled! We made so many sweet family memories!

"I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ."- Philemon 1:6


  1. aww looks like you guys had a blast! Makes me want to go!

  2. Next time you go we will pop out of your suitcase and yell 'surprise'! We'll pay for that trip so you'll let us stay! It looks like so much fun! Couple of sidenotes: 1- Love the bathing suit! So cute and trendy :) 2- I didn't know David had a tatoo! You should get a matching one, but smaller (wink!)