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Monday, August 17, 2009

Our 'little soccer girl'

Wubs had her very first soccer practice on Saturday, and she was so excited to be a 'little soccer girl'. Wubs loved wearing her new socks with shin guards, and daddy even bought her a brand new ball for practice. Once we arrived on the field, Wubs was given her team jersey and she was all ready to learn about playing soccer! David even helped the coach by leading a small group in ball handling drills. After a thirty minute practice, it was time for the first big game. Wubs ran over to get a drink of water and give mommy a high five! Yup, things were looking good for this first organized sport experience for Wubs.

Then it was time for the children to take their places on the field so the game could begin. It was about that time that Wubs began to melt into a little puddle of tears. Maybe the tears were due to the roaring cheers from the crowd, the little scamper of her teammate's feet, or the black paint she did not want smeared under her eyes. Whatever it was that upset her, there was no going back. Wubs was done. She wanted off that field.

So Daddy sat on the sideline with Wubs, explaining the game and encouraging her to try again. Wubs patiently waited for her juice box and snack at the end of the game, but she didn't join the team on the field again.

We'll try again next Saturday! Now that Wubs has a few new friends, it might be a little less painful. wink!

"As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead."- James 2:26


  1. Poor Emma Grace! She sure looks adorable, though! She'll be a great cheerleader!

  2. How fun (despite the tears)! I think I would have cried if they had smeared black paint under my eyes, too. I had no idea that was still a common practice! Hopefully we'll be doing the same thing next fall - can't wait!! Cute!!!!

  3. awww that's cool that she is playing soccer! She will get into it eventually. You know wubbs she has to check things out before she leaps which is a good thing! ;)

  4. Sweet little tears- breaks my heart. But good job Wubs for retrying next Saturday! That's the spirit! We'll be praying that God will give you superhero legs to kick that ball into the net! -- From Sarah and Andrew's mommy