Our Journey Home

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Sweetest Surprise

On Wednesday nights, the girls come to church with me. They go to their little discipleship classes while I fulfill some of my nursery responsibilities. We are always eager to get home because we get to see daddy!

Last night, we got home from church, greeted Daddy with our usual shower of sugars and snugs, and then we all ate a late dinner together. After putting the girls to bed, David and I listened to the last few minutes of Focus on the Family on the radio, and then we watched a little television. I noticed our bedroom door was pulled closed, but I guess I didn't think too much of it. It wasn't until we were going to bed, and I opened the door that I saw....

our new bed!

My precious husband has been 'sneaking' away on the weekends to buy wood, cut it, stain it, and create this beautiful new bed for our anniversary! I thought David had been getting 'called in to work' a lot lately, but he was really working on our bed at a friend's house. He also picked out this entire bedding set all by himself. I couldn't help but cry at this incredibly sweet surprise. (Later, I also laughed about all the 'stories' he has been telling me over the last few weeks so he could slip away to work on this secret project. One Sunday afternoon he told me he was going to get a haircut and four hours later he came home with no haircut. wink!)

The girls also love the new bed! They were very excited to come climb in with us! (And I cried all over again this morning... God is just so good to me. )

The Lord God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him."
-Genesis 2:18*
* I am so incredibly thankful that God chose me to be David's wife!


  1. Wow! It's so beautiful! What a wonderful husband you have! He has a pretty amazing wife, too, though;)

  2. What a great gift! That was a creative idea! I better not mention it to John for a while. Thanks for sharing your pictures of your new bed with us. He did a wonderful job!

  3. Hey Sarah!
    First, Happy Belated Anniversary!!! What a testimony you guys are to what God's love can do...!
    Second, I must confess that I have been spending the last little bit (wink!) reading your blog...the entire thing (I didn't know where to stop!)...I sure am glad that you only started in February!! :) I am hooked!! I have always known that you were a sweetie and raising beautiful daughters, but I am blessed by all your little stories and the day to day fun! I look forward to checking in more regularly...peek at ours when you have a chance.

    love, peace, and happiness,

  4. Sarah, I was reading your blog comments and my comments aren't posted :( So here's my retry... What an amazing bed! David did sooo well and I really think that he needs to come and work with Bryan!!!! Love ya!

  5. Wow, what a great gift and surprise! That would make me cry, too! I wish we could spend time together as couples and families.