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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A peek at our 1st week...

This was our first week of homeschool! The girls have transitioned so smoothly into our new routine. I was a little concerned about what homeschool would look like this year, but wow! God has really blessed our family. He provided everything from curriculum to crayons. Bella loves, loves, loves doing her 'work' and Emma Grace happily picked up right where we left off last year. We are so thankful that JJ is such a sweet baby; he is perfectly content sitting on mommy's lap while she teaches his sisters! Here is what a homeschool day looks like for our first grader:
This is a picture of our 20 minute mid- morning break. The girls enjoy playing a computer game (Starfall.com) while we eat a special snack. We purchased a few snacks that can only be eaten during homeschool, so that has made snack time fun. Our refridgerator always displays one of our subjects. This week our memory scripture was the first half of Proverbs 9:10, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom..." so we made a little craft and posted it so we could practice. This is what a homeschool day looks like for our three year old:(Bella is so funny! She always wants to sit on the kitchen floor to do her work! )Let me explain the picture above of Bella at the kitchen sink. Each day, the girls both get a folder filled with their work for that day. At the back of the folder, I've been slipping in a special card. (I made cards that are laminated and labeled with fun activities, such as playdough time, puzzles, window markers, games, computer time, etc.) Bella's activity card said 'water play' so she got to play at the sink for 20 minutes. She loved it! The girls have both really enjoyed these special activities at the end of their school work!

The next set of pictures were taken while we made clay jars. We've been learning that the very first Bible wasn't written in a book, like the Bibles we have today; it was written on scrolls! The scrolls were often stored in clay pottery jars. So, we mixed up some clay and made our own little jars. We are currently working our our alphabet scrolls to go inside our jars!And here is what a homeschool day looks like for our little man! When he's not on mommy's lap, he's usually dreaming about going fishing with daddy. wink! (Okay, just look at those sweet little rolls! Oooooh, I love this little boy!!) "I am with you always."- Matthew 28:20

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  1. It's so fun to hear about your homeschooling times. We are just started Elijah this coming week with 1st and Natalie will just do her "school work" when she wants (4 yrs). I'd love to hear more about your special snacks :) and fun activity cards for afterwards. I look forward to keeping up with your schooling and family this year! :)