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Friday, August 26, 2011


When I blog, I am always hopeful that the Lord might use it somehow. I hope that someone out there will read what I've written and be encouraged, blessed, curious, or even challenged. It's always neat to look at the left side of our blog at the Live Traffic Feed and wonder who has been viewing our blog. Thank you for taking a minute to visit us! wink! However, I also blog just so I can take a few minutes to think outloud and process whatever it is that is on my heart. Today, my heart is wrestling with rewards.
I began thinking about rewards this morning during homeschool. Our girls LOVE stickers, and each time they finish a worksheet or an activity, they ask for a sticker to place at the top of the completed product. I have a whole stash of fun stickers, so I've been pulling out a different sheet of stickers every day. Emma Grace and Bella squeal with delight to see what type of stickers they will get to choose from- whether it's animals or princesses or stars, etc. They work hard to receive this small token from mommy...it is their reward.
I started wondering, what is my reward? What is it that motivates me? To be completely honest friends, there are (many) days that I am simply motivated by my own sin nature. Too prideful to ask for help, I will push myself to complete the task alone. There are days that I am motivated by my selfishness, wanting the end product to have 'Sarah did it' written all over it. I praise God for giving me the Holy Spirit to open my eyes and convict my heart of my impure motives. I pray that the Lord will continue to reveal this sin in me so that I can do everything for the glory of God. Whether I'm wiping a little runny nose, taking a minute to have a conversation at Target with a stranger, or cooking dinner...I pray that it's not about me. Because if it is about me, I might as well not bother doing it. The next time I'm passing out stickers, I'm going to remember to pray that my reward is always found in the Lord!

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."- 1 Corinthians 10:31

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