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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bella's custom order... wink!

This week, Bella had a Christmas party in her ballet class! She was supposed to bring a treat to share, and I was just sure she was going to ask me to buy fruit roll ups. But, our sweet youngest daughter looked up at me and said, "Mommy will you make me a cookie cake to bring to ballet? And it can say 'Thank you Miss Ana'?" (Such a precious little request. I knew I could whip that up for her!) "And mommy, will you make snow on my cookie?" (A few snowflakes, no problem! wink) Then Bella added, "Also, could you make four ballerinas, except one ballerina needs to be bigger because that will be Miss Ana and then three little ballerinas so they could be me, Gracie, and Miriam and also please make us dancing just like Miss Ana. Okay, mommy? Okay?" ha ha ha! I had to laugh at Bella's (many) requests! But, it did bless my heart that she wanted to take a homemade cookie instead of a perfectly wrapped store bought treat. I tried my very best to fulfill Bella's custom order...

And Bella loved it! She even helped me write on the box! Oh, I love our baby girl!!

ps- In other 'cake news', our friend Neely turned 8 and she celebrated with a party at the bowling alley! This was a super fun cake to make and I loved the sparkler candles that her mommy purchased for the final touch!
"Your statues are wonderful, therefore I obey them."- Psalm 119:129

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