Our Journey Home

Monday, June 15, 2009


Information you need to know prior to today's story...
I love to ask the girls questions such as: "Who wants a snack?" or "Who wants to blow bubbles" or "Who wants to go play outside?" because they always respond with pure joy and excitement! They raise one arm and together they will sing "Meeeee!!"

One day a week, I work 4 hours in the office at our church. (While I'm at work, the girls go to a friend's house to play. They have lots of fun with Ms. Stacey and her 3 children!) This morning I needed a few more minutes to get ready, but the girls were very anxious to leave. I could hear a little quarrel beginning in the living room, so I called out from our bathroom, "Girls, please walk away from each other. Use kind words and walk away." Wubs immediately walked away, and walked right into the bathroom with me. "Mommy, why did you tell me to walk away from Bella?" Now Bella had joined us in the bathroom, and she was looking at me as if to say, "Yeah mommy, why did you want us to walk away?" I put down my mascara and knelt down to give my answer. "Mommy was trying to get ready, and I could hear you two using mad words. Since I couldn't see what was happening in the living room, I just asked you two to walk away. I didn't know who was being naughty." Both girls listened intently, and Bella raised her little arm and replied, "Meeeeee!!"

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps."- Proverbs 16:9

p.s.- Below is a picture of our new refrigerator! Our old one departed this weekend after a good 17 years of service! wink! Since our new fridge has an ice-maker, Wubs is enjoying using our old ice trays to sort her little Pet Shop accessories.


  1. I love the story,it is obvious that Bella tells the truth! she is such a Dolly,I can't wait to see them.:))

  2. Precious story! I love the way you talk to them...you're training me! Thanks for your stories!

  3. aww yay an icemaker! I can't wait for those days to arrive! I absolutly love love the story about mad words! It always makes me smile and laugh to read your stories!