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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Is Santa real?"

Several months ago, Emma Grace asked me if Santa Claus was real or not. A little surprised by her question, I responded the best way I knew how: " Why don't you go ask Daddy about that?" wink.
David was able to redirect her thoughts in another direction, and she didn't ask again. Until today.

"Mommy, is Santa real, or is he just pretend?"
"Well... do you want to know what is reeeally special and Very, Very Real? Baby Jesus was born in a manager on the very first Christmas ever! And all the animals in the barn watched as Mary and Joseph snuggled the King! Up in the sky, a very beautiful star sparkled bright, and..."
"Um, mommy, I already know that. But I was just wondering if Santa was real, remember? How about if Santa is real, you can just say 'true' and if Santa is just pretend, you can say 'not true'? Okay?"
"Hmmmm. Let's talk to daddy about your question when he gets home, okay, Baby?"

Wubs shrugged and skipped out of the room. David and I had previously discussed this 'scenario'-that is, the possibility of Emma Grace pursuing an answer about Santa. So, when Daddy gets home, 'our plan' is to talk about Saint Nicholas, and how much he loved Jesus. He gave to those in need, but he never wanted any recognition. He knew that everything he had was a blessing from the Lord, and he gave gifts in secret so he wouldn't recieve praise that didn't belong to him. We read a great article about the story of Saint Nicholas' life and we want to share the real reason why the tradition of 'Santa' got started. Saint Nick was a slender man with a white beard, who feared the Lord and delighted in Truth. And on occasion, he did wear red robes!

Our family Christmas traditions won't change too much... even if the truth about Santa is revealed. We always make a birthday cake for Jesus, and David reads the Christmas story aloud to us every year. We'll still enjoy stockings filled with treats and three presents that are only put under the tree after the girls go to sleep on Christmas Eve.

I hope Wubs won't be too sad! She has such a tender heart. I'll post an update after we have the big talk!

"Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking in anything."- James 1:4


  1. So glad you've posted this. We've been mulling on this one this year more than ever, and we still don't know what to do. We don't usually want to make a big deal about Santa and haven't in previous years, but Luke really wants to make a big deal about him this year. He believes Santa is real and doesn't even question that part. We've been asked more than once, "Is Santa going to bring me presents?" Our answer every time..."Ummm....I don't know." Great answer, huh??? We've got to give him a more solid answer though. Not exactly one of our shining parenting moments:-) Curious to see how it goes!!!

  2. Oh my goodness Sarah! Nathan is my skeptical one who analyzes everything, including Santa. I can't wait for your update! You always have such great approaches on sticky parenting situations :)

  3. Your blog looks beautiful best friend! But I'm sure not as beautiful as your growing belly - which I can't wait to see! I look forward to hearing the update on this story :) Love ya!