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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My yuckiest mommy moment yet...

If someone asked you, "What is the grossest thing you've experienced since becoming a mother?", what would you say? Would it be hard to decide? Today I experienced my yuckiest mommy moment to date. And it all happened in a Wal-Mart restroom. (Yep, you'll need to prepare yourself for this. I don't recommend snacking while reading my story. wink!)

I'm sure you can only imagine how CrAzY the isles of Wal-Mart are today, the day before Thanksgiving Eve. I only had a few things to pick up- just pumpkin pie supplies and mayonaise for left over turkey sandwiches! Wubs and Bella spotted some soft peppermint sticks (Bob's Old Fashioned Peppermint Sticks- yummy!) . We all agreed that at only $0.88 a box, we needed to add them to our cart.

We paid for our items and I gave each of the girls a peppermint stick to enjoy. I decided we better make a quick stop in the restroom before heading home. The bathroom was just about as exciting as the rest of the store- it was full! Thankfully, the line wasn't long and the three of us all squished into a stall. It was pretty tight inside that stall- one five year old, one three year old, one pregnant mommy, a pocketbook, and two bags of groceries.

When we were 'all done', Emma Grace offered to flush the potty for us. However, since the bathrooms were being used so frequently, it was apparent that a cleaning team had not had the opportunity to wipe things down for quite some time. "Why don't you let mommy do it this time, okay? And then we'll all go wash our hands with soap." As I had my back turned so I could fiddle with the toilet handle, Emma Grace let out an "EWWWW!" I whizzed around to see Bella innocently licking her last little piece of peppermint stick and then pop it into her mouth to crunch it up.

I was afraid to ask, but I did it. "Wubs, why did you just say 'eww'?"
"Because Bella dropped her peppermint stick on the floor and then she licked it and ate it!"

Please, PLEASE tell me that I'm not the only mommy that manages to continually top her Top Ten Yuckiest Mommy Moments list. I'd love to hear your story. It would be theraputic. wink!

"God gives wisdom, knowledge, and joy to those who please Him."- Ecclesiastes 2:26


  1. Ohhh sadly I can beat this. Well not in terms of germs factor per se, but at least in terms of cleanup. The first time I brought Owen here - when he was about 5 weeks old ... I was getting him out of the bathtub, he was wrapped in a towel and I was walking him to the room to get him dressed. And he pooped ... all over me, the floor, and himself. You remember how newborn baby poop is. It was EVERYWHERE.

  2. Here's one for ya. Last year Luke and John were at Target (I believe) in the toothbrush aisle. John was busy studying the toothpaste selection and turned to find Luke busily brushing his teeth with the electric toothbrush on display. He waited a couple of weeks before telling me that one. Ewwww! Another one....a friend's toddler (a boy) was found licking the stall in a public restroom. It happens to the best of us:-)

  3. Well I don't have any good ones other that a few good poop stories. But I did sit in a pediatrician's office once and watched a little girl hold her toothbrush in one hand and a wet rag in the other. She would suck on the toothbrush, then the wet rag. Then her mom took the rag and wiped the little girls very green snotty nose, wiped the child's hands and handed it back to the girl. At this point I was pretty disgusted. But it gets better! The girl threw the rag on the floor and her brother picked it up and handed it to her. And the child went back to sucking. I really almost threw up.