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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Abundant Provision

When we found out we were going to have a little boy, David and I were both filled with joy! (Okay, initially, I was a little shocked but very excited all at the same time! wink.) Daydreams about a little boy running around our house began to fill my thoughts and warm my heart. Two girls and a little boy. Wow. What a blessing!
I love 'nesting' during pregnancy, so I eagerly started my mission to make the McNeill home ready for Baby J.J! I began to sort our baby girl clothes by size and give them away to our friends. I didn't realize how many itty bitty dresses, tights, sun bonnets, mary jane shoes, and lacey diaper covers we owned! And then, sometime in the midst of purging bins of baby girl stuff, it hit me. We have nOtHiNg for a boy. Not even one yellow onesie. Everything we had for a baby- from socks to jackets to blankets- was pink. Or had a ruffle. Or had a matching handband.
And then I began to also consider the fact that I have nO iDeA how to be a mommy of a little boy. I know how to braid hair, prepare a tea party, paint little fingernails... but I don't know how to do 'boy stuff'. I don't even have a brother! wink.
Then a really cool thing happened! The Holy Spirit reminded me of three truths in this situation:
1) It's not about me. I wrestle with my pride every day, and this was no different. Of course I can't be a good mommy to a little boy, if I'm attempting to do it by my own strength!
2) The Lord has created our little boy. He loves J.J. so so much more than we do! God also knows exactly who J.J. needs to be his parents, and He is trusting us with this precious gift of training and discipling His child.
3) God is the Great Provider! He not only knows exactly what we need and when we'll need it, but He has it totally under control! (I was reading in Luke 8 today, enjoying the story of Jesus calming the storm. He was sleeping in a boat, while He and his disciples were sailing to the other side of a lake. A terrible storm started to crash down on the men and the boat, and the disciples were afraid. They woke Jesus, telling him they were going to drown. Jesus rebuked the water and wind and the storm stopped. Jesus asked the disciples, "Where is your faith?" Jesus had that storm under control and He most certainly has all the 'storms' in my life under total control as well! I need to be constantly asking myself, "Where is my faith?" when I'm having trouble taking my thoughts captive! wink!)
I am now resting in the assurance that the Lord will guide me during this new chapter in motherhood. And guess what else? Remember my concerns about items for J.J? God has provided aBuNdAnTlY for our little boy. Every single item in the pictures below has been given to us! And we even have been blessed with a baby shower scheduled in March. He is AMAZING!

(Even the dresser/ changing table was given to us. Thank you, Lord!)

"Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord."- Psalm 27:14


  1. Hey Sarah!!
    Wow lots of cool stuff. Love it. God is good. So is he in the office now? I know you can hardly wait for him to get here. Iam so happy for you all. Hope you have a Great week. Love ya Catherine

  2. Yeah, and wow! God is so great. I'm thankful you have all those little boy things to look at and think about your little one wearing them soon. That's the best! When is the due date? Sorry that I've forgotten. And where are all the pictures of you and your cute little belly?? :) I need to see!

    Love you,