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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hot sauce hair

Bella has this yucky new habit.She has started sucking on a clump of her hair. It's really unpleasant, because if her hair isn't wet from drool, it is dry and hardened in that one spot. Eeew. I tried pulling her hair up with clips to discourage the new habit, but it only slowed her down for a litle bit. She would just pull a piece out of her ponytail to suck it. I tried spanking her hand when I would see her holding her hair up to her mouth but it was no use. Nothing worked.
Sooooo, I had to bring out the big guns. Texas Pete. Yep, hot sauce. wink! I called Bella into the kitchen and I showed her my new tool to teach her to stop sucking her hair. "No! No Mommy! I don't want to eat hot sauce!"
"Well, baby, you won't eat it if you don't suck on your hair. See? Mommy is going to dab just a little on your hair right here where you have been sucking. Now, if you suck your hair again, you are going to eat hot sauce. But, you could obey mommy and leave your hair out of your mouth. You get to choose." I put a few drops of Texas Pete on my fingers and slid them over the wet clump of hair. That was over a week ago! Bella has officially kicked the habit!
Below are two pictures that Wubs took while I was playing with JJ. He laughs and laughs whenever I play tug of war with him!

"Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to who we must give account."- Hebrews 4:13


  1. HAHAHAHAAAA I am so glad you blogged this story! Go Bella for kicking the hair habit and Go Mommy for creative correction! Love the pics of you and JJ - he is getting so big!

  2. Texas Pete has been a training tool in our family too! Mom used it everytime my brother said an unkind word... To this day, he loves hot sauce!

  3. Great idea but what I like even better is that precious little guy laughing his head off!!