Our Journey Home

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ice skating

We had a special adventure this past weekend; we went ice skating! We've had a gift card for the Polar Ice House in Wake Forest for over a year now, and we decided to finally use it.
It was a real treat! We have been trying to do something special as a family each week, whether it is a movie night, playing games, eating at a new restaurant, or simply doing something out of the ordinary. The times we share as family are treasured times because this is a busy season in our life. David is a seminary student (he is working on a masters degree in divinity) and in addition to working full time at our church, he is taking three classes. David does an amazing job of carving out time each day to spend with our family, and then on the weekend, we have one special family activity! God has really been blessing our time together in amazing ways. We are so thankful that the Lord orchestrates all the details!Mommy and her little man! That smile melts my heart!Daddy and his girls... so sweet!I skated backwards so I could pull Wubs around the rink. She loved it and she did a great job!Daddy and Bella took a self portrait. Bella didn't like the ice skating, but she loved watching the other skaters. I was so surprised because she is usually our 'daring' child, but she made it very clear that she did not like ice skating. I don't think she liked the slippery feeling under her feet. JJ got sleepy and decided that he'd dream about ice skating.David got more and more confident about his skating after some practice! We want to go skating again sometime for a date night. That would be SO fun! It was such a wonderful memory!
"I tell you the truth, he who believes has everlasting life."- John 6:47


  1. Loved all the pics! You can tell by everyones faces that it was a special outing. Bring those kiddos to Aunt Pam and date night it shall be!! :)

  2. What a special night! And I can't agree more with the cherished value and memories of family nights!

  3. I love the sweet pictures! You have such a gorgeous family. :)