Our Journey Home

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies on Saturday. JJ hasn't been feeling well (two trips to the pediatrician last week, no fun) so he enjoyed this special treat to cheer him up! He was so cute, all covered in chocolate, and I wanted to take a few pictures. After taking several pictures, I set the camera on the table and I began wiping up the floor around his high chair. I spend a lot of time each day, on my knees, wiping the floors. JJ likes to look down from his high chair at me and we usually play a few rounds of peek-a-boo while I'm cleaning. He is so much fun and I love this game we play together. I knew I had already taken plenty of cute cookie monster pictures, but looking up at JJ, I realized that this angle was even better! I didn't want to miss these shots! Since the camera was right within my reach, I took some pictures while I was looking up at him:
That's when the Holy Spirit gently reminded me...
When I have a horizontal perspective, looking at what is right in front of me, I will surely miss it. I'll miss the true joy that is found only when I have a vertical perspective. When I'm on my knees in prayer, when I'm looking to the Lord, seeking Him, giving Him the glory, finding sufficiency in Him alone, this is when my perspective is filled with thanksgiving and hope. Wow. I am always so thankful when God uses our children to remind me of His love!
"Love each other as I have loved you."- John 15:12


  1. Love this from a photography standpoint and love it even more when thinking about how our great God longs for us to seek and look to Him in this way too! Thanks for sharing sweet friend!

  2. What a neat post today, Sarah! And what a cutie pie covered in chocolate!

  3. Thank you friend! Needed this today more than you know :)