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Monday, July 30, 2012

Mommy, Me, and Miss Leigh tea party!

Bella loves her Sunday school teacher, Miss Leigh! Miss Leigh has taught Bella's class for the last two years, and she is a sweetheart. Miss Leigh loves the Lord and she faithfully serves with the four year olds at our church every week. Two months ago, Bella told me that she wanted to have a tea party for Miss Leigh. I listened as Bella told me all about her elaborate plans (which she had been developing with her friend Gracie) to host a tea party at our house. She said all the little girls would do crafts, eat snacks, and wear fancy dresses. Bella wanted to have a tea party for Miss Leigh with all her heart! I knew I needed to help Bella follow through with her plans. We picked a date, talked to Miss Leigh, and invited three friends to attend. This past Saturday morning, we hosted our Mommy, Me, and Miss Leigh tea party!
Bella was so excited when she woke up on Saturday morning!
Daddy took Wubs and JJ with him for a few hours during the tea party. Wubs was welcome to stay for the party but she wanted to spend time with her two favorite guys! The three of them ran a few errands and ate lunch at a restaraunt together!
Gracie came early to play before the tea party started. The girls couldn't wait for the fun to begin!
Bella and Gracie decided to try out the new tea cup sippy cups while they waited for the other friends to arrive!
Next to arrive was Ella. Ella and Bella enjoyed looking at the Priness I Spy book together.
After all the girls arrived, it was time for a snack. We prayed and thanked God for Miss Leigh and for our time together! 
After snack, each little girl made a tea cup necklace with lovely beads.
Then they made tea pot picture frames.
It was a wonderful Saturday morning with friends! Thank you Ella, Miss Leigh, Miriam, and Gracie, for sharing your Saturday morning with us! We love you all!
"Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves."- Romans 12:10

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  1. How Sweet! What a fun idea! Hugs From Africa! -Abby :)