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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Homeschool: 10 ways to keep the younger ones busy

I love being a homeschool mommy! I am so very thankful that the Lord has given me such a special opportunity. It is exciting to teach a new concept to our children and watch them grow in their understanding and knowledge. While this is our third year homeschooling, I still have a l.o.t to learn. wink! One thing that I'm continually navigating: how to keep the younger ones busy. I try my best to homeschool the bulk of our studies during JJ's nap time, but I still need to have plenty of activities to engage Bella. (Bella will start kindergarten in the fall; I can't believe it!) Some of our favorite activities include:
1. Playdough (alphabet cookie cutters are wonderful)
2. Manipulatives (anything that can be counted or sorted)
3. Paint with water books (whoever invented these books is a genius! wink)
4. Puzzles
5. Several sheets of blank paper, stapled together (to make homemade books)
6. I-Spy books
7. Snap beads
8. Legos
9. Coloring sheets
10. Old magazines (to cut the pictures and make collages)

Below are some pictures I've taken over the last few weeks during homeschool time.
Ah, Melissa and Doug toys... wonderful, durable wooden toys that stand the test of a toddler! wink.

JJ was exploring the alphabet magnets when one went under the fridge. Then, his new mission was to retrieve the lost magnet with a butterknife. He is all boy!

Bella, using one of paint with water coloring book pages.

Manipulatives! We have a few 'real' sets of manipulatives but beans, beads, cereal... they are all great, too!
Do you have any fun ideas to share? I would love to try them!
"For where two or three come together in my name, ther am I with them."- Matthew 18:20

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  1. I can't believe Bella will be staring school in the fall. Where does time go? I love how you capture them doing daily activities/life.