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Thursday, May 16, 2013


As the nursery coordinator at our church, one of my resposibilities is recruiting teachers each discipleship year. I always pray that the Lord will provide just who we need and He is so very faithful! When I was praying and trying to recruite teachers for the one year olds classroom, I was excited to see who God would bring to be JJ's teacher.  I wanted a teacher who would be faithful, loving, and most importantly- growing in God's Word. Mickie signed up to serve every week as a lead teacher.   Mickie wanted to teach this class because his youngest brother was in the one year olds classroom; he wanted to minister to his family because his baby brother would only go into the nursery if he was with a familiar face.
And wow- Mickie has been such an amazing teacher this year! He has loved the little ones, he has been an encouragement to his co-teachers, and he has been great with the parents. Mickie served for the last time this past weekend because he is leaving for the Air Force. We wanted to celebrate his commitment to our church and his commitment to our country, so we had a surprise party!
My talented friend, Pam, designed the cutest clipart logo for Mickie's big day! I purchased special paper that allowed me to iron the logo and create homemade onesies for all the children to wear!

JJ loved his 'Mickie shirt'!
With the help of Baylee and Aubrey, my two sweet sisters in Christ, we decorated the classroom and dressed all the children in onesies and miniature dog tags! We were SO excited to show Mickie what an impact he has made on so many lives!
Baylee, Mickie, Aubrey, and all of Mickie's biggest fans!
Please pray for Mickie and the influence of his testimony while serving our country for six years. Please pray for Mickie's family and for his sweetheart Baylee as they say good-byes next week, and begin this new season of being apart from a young man they love so dearly. Thank you so much!

"Set a guard over my mouth, O Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips."- Psalm 141:3

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  1. What a beautiful idea!!! Brought tears to my eyes! I'm sure it will be a special memory for him too! You are a sweet lady, Sarah. I enjoy keeping up with your family on your blog!