Our Journey Home

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More San Jose!

 I'm going to be totally honest. I have never shared the gospel with someone I've never met before, until our trip to Costa Rica. Our trip stretched me and challenged me, while blessing me and allowing me to experience joy like never, ever before. I was nervous! However, David has shared the gospel many times, gone on mission trips, and has such an evangelistic heart, so I knew I could stick close to him and watch his example. What a joy to serve and share the gospel, side by side with my husband! David and I were on a team with our amazing translator, Jonah. But for this story, I wanted to tell you about what God did using two little glow sticks and... me.

It was Wednesday night, and we had just finished up the festival at a local park. The inflatable was coming down, chairs were being stacked, candy wrappers were gathered to put into the garbage, and people were beginning to scatter and walk back to their homes. I had been passing out stickers and glow stick bracelets, and I realized I had two bracelets left. I quickly scanned the groups of people, looking for two children to give my small gifts. But, I could only see clumps of children, and I knew I couldn't walk up to a group of five (or more) children and offer only two glowing bracelets. Then, I saw two girls. They looked to be in high school or college. I wanted to hesitate- would two girls that age really want my little bracelets?- but the Holy Spirit nudged me to go to them. David was helping clean up and I couldn't even see Jonah. But still, I walked toward the girls.
I smiled and held out the bracelets, glowing brightly. "Hola! Quiere esto?" (My Spanish is very limited, but I was trying! wink.)
The girls accepted with warm smiles.
My heart raced and I blurted out, "Hablas Ingles?"
One girl said, "Yes, I lived in Miami for four years."
I couldn't believe it! I introduced myself and I asked her if she liked the movie and drama from the festival. She said she did like it, but she didn't really understand all of it.
"Can I explain it to you? Can you stay for a few more minutes?" I asked. She seemed eager to talk with me and I was so excited! ( The second girl walked away, to go speak to friends.)

And then, God did it! He had used those two little bracelets to get me to approach those girls. And He filled my mouth with the words I needed to discuss the Good News to this young girl. I shared the gospel with her and her eyes filled with tears. She said, "I want that. I want Jesus." We prayed together, and she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior! We hugged and I gave her information about Vida Nueva, the church we were helping. She said she was going to attend church this weekend! Even just typing this story, my heart is filled with praise! There are so many more God stories to share!
Our wonderful translator, Jonah. We loved serving and sharing the good news with
such a Godly young man. We are praying for Jonah and his future ministry opportunities; we know
God will continue to use Jonah for His glory!

The gospel presentation had just finished and several of the neighborhood residents picture
above were praying to receive Christ.

One of my new sisters in Christ!

Our team, sharing a meal at one of our favorite restaurants Rosti Pollo. We had
a lot of good laughs on this trip! God gave our team such a special bond,
a sweet unity in Christ, and we enjoyed spending our 'free time' together!
"But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and protect you from the evil one."- 2 Thessalonians 3:3


  1. Such a heart warming story, Sarah! So proud of you and David.

  2. What a beautiful story, Sarah. I'm so glad God used you, despite your fear, and gave you the words to speak. Praise God!