Our Journey Home

Thursday, August 15, 2013

"No, I've never heard..."

There were several rainy afternoons and evenings while we were in San Jose. We forgot to pack an umbrella, so there were a few nights that we returned to our hotel with wet clothes. And wow! It was SO worth it! wink! One rainy evening in particular...

The bus pulled up to the park and we all peered out the windows. The sky was dark and the clouds were heavy. The leaders began discussing whether or not we should set up the equipment to show the movie, since the storms were looming. It was decided that we would all divide up into our usual teams, walk the surrounding neighborhood as long as we could before the storm to share the gospel. We were supposed to continue to invite families to come enjoy the inflatable, games, and drama presentation, and we all prayed the rain would hold off for a few hours.  

David, me, and Jonah began our walk down the neighborhood streets. The sprinkles began to fall and most people were keeping dry inside their homes. (We couldn't walk up to a house and ring the doorbell, because it's not like the houses in the United States. The homes are side by side, with no space in between and each house has a rod iron gate to guard their entrance. Most houses have razor wire above the gates, too, or at minimum, there is a piece of metal from the gate to the house to close the space securely.) We stood outside a few homes and called out, "Hola!" but we weren't very successful. And then, we came to a house where a man was just getting out of his car. He hadn't gone inside yet, he was at his gate. God gave us an amazing opportunity that I will never forget. His timing was perfect. We got the opportunity to tell this 65 year old man, about Jesus. It was the-very-first-time he had ever heard this message.

David began to introduce himself and explain our visit, while Jonah translated. The man's eyes were gentle and he returned my smile when David introduced his 'esposa'. wink. The man listened intently and agreed to talk with us. David asked the man a few questions to begin our conversation and Jonah translated, "He just said no, he's never heard about Jesus." I began praying for David as he shared the good news with this man, praying for Jonah as he translated, and praying for this man's salvation. David talked to him for about ten minutes when a beautiful, beautiful thing happened. God did it! He didn't have to, but God allowed us to join Him, in his perfect plan to reach this man with the gospel. We had a new brother in Christ! I stood there, watching as this man went from never even hearing about Jesus, to believing that Jesus was God's only Son and He died on the cross for his sins! It was amazing. He opened his gate and allowed us to come inside. I cried tears of pure joy as we all circled together and held hands and prayed with this man.  We are so excited about what God is doing in Costa Rica! Please join us in praying for the team at Vida Nueva church, who are meeting with all the people who accepted Christ last week. Please pray for all the new believers, approximately 550 in all, who all need to get plugged into a church and begin to grow in their relationship with the Lord. We praise God for His plans!
I took this picture while we were walking in one of the neighborhoods
of San Jose.

The view from my seat on the bus. Isn't it beautiful?

I took these pictures in the plaza square. The pigeons gather here, to be fed
by all the people passing through and this little boy decided to scare them!
He was hilarious, running, giggling, and shouting at the birds!

He made me laugh!
This tree was just outside our hotel, it was so neat!

Chuck took this picture of me on the day I got to share the gospel in the classroom
We all took turns, and it was such a privilege!

"The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God's children."- Romans 8:16


  1. Sarah.. I have only started reading your stories and I'm sitting here praising God with tears!!! God's power is amazing. I am overwhelmed and overjoyed by your experiences! Praise God for these opportunities you all had to share the gospel, for the receptive hearts of the people, and for our new brothers and sisters in Christ! I will pray for them as they begin their journeys. I love you!

  2. Sarah-it is so wonderful to see your posts! Joe went to Costa Rica a year ago on a mission trip....it is so great to see God's great move there continues through your church through Him!!! Isn't God good! I hope like you to serve with Joe on a mission trip one day soon! Blessings and prayers to you as you continue to serve! So excited about what God is doing! Email sometime... when you have time lol.... we can catch up! Jhsmathers@msn.com. love'-holly