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Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Father's Day Interview

We love our daddy so very much! Our girls are experts when it comes to knowing all about their daddy... just keep reading! wink!
What does daddy like to do?
-He likes to give mama sugars, wrestle me and Bella, and play with us. (Wubs)
-Ummm...mow the grass. (Bella)
Where does daddy work?
-The YMCA. Wait! No, no, no! He works at church! (Wubs)
-Church, in his office. (Bella)
What does daddy do when he gets home from work?
-He eats dinner and gives us a snug and a sugar. (Wubs)
-Puts his bag on his bed. (Bella)
What is daddy good at?
-He's good at writing words, giving hugs, and he's so so so soooo good at wrestling. (Wubs)
-He can fix things a lot. (Bella)
What does daddy like to eat?
-Salad, Chicken, Burgers, and water. (Wubs)
-Sandwiches with soda. (Bella)
What do you like to do with daddy?
-Slide on the big slide at Great Wolf Lodge and I looooove playing all kinds of games with daddy. (Wubs)
-Wrestle. (Bella)
What does daddy always say?
-When he sees me he says, 'Hey baby girl!' (wubs)
-No trinkets. (Bella)
What does daddy like to wear?
-Jeans. (Wubs)
-Jeans and blue shirts. (Bella)
Who does daddy love?
-Bella, JJ, me, Mama and Jesus! (Wubs)
-JJ and Bella and that's all! (Bella with a smile and a mischevious twinkle in her eye)
Happy Father's Day, Sweetheart! We love you and we thank God for you every day! xoxoxo!
"Your statutes are wonderful, therefore I obey them. "-Psalm 119:129

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  1. How Wonderful!! I love to hear how kids apply to their world what we take for granted! What's up with Bella and "No Trinkets?"