Our Journey Home

Thursday, September 29, 2011

"It's on the inside."

Today, the Lord gave me a little idea for an activity to do with our children. It was really simple but our girls enjoyed it! Here is what we did:
First, I took a small glass jar, scribbled on the inside with a black Sharpie marker, and then closed the lid. Next, I got out several cleaning products and I put them out on the kitchen counter. (Windex, dishsoap, Goo Gone, baby wipes, paper towels, and a wet cloth) I called the children into the kitchen and I told them that I needed help cleaning my dirty jar. Both girls were eager to help me find a way to wash away the 'scribble-scrabbles'. wink.They examined their cleaning product choices. First up, Wubs decides the Windex would do the trick! (Plus, I think she really wanted to squirt the paper towels! ha ha!) No luck. The scribble-scrabbles didn't budge.Bella's turn. She decided that soap would make my jar clean. She scrubbed and scrubbed... but you guessed it- nothing happened! (This picture of JJ makes me smile! I love those big blue eyes- he looks just like his daddy!) Wubs closely examined the little jar. She giggled, "Mama! We can't clean this jar!! The scribbles are on the INSIDE!!" (I knew that sooner or later, one of the girls would figure this out.)
"Baby, you're right. The dirty part is on the inside! You know what, this little jar reminds me of our sin. It's on the inside, too! Just like you and Bella worked so hard to clean this jar, we could try and try and try but there is nothing we can do to clean our sin. Do you know the only One who can wash away our dirty sin?"
"JESUS!"-Bella exclaimed. She's done enough activities with mommy to know that Jesus is always the answer! wink!
"Yep! That's right! Jesus is the only One who can wash away our sin. That's why He died on the cross for us. Jesus knew that we could never get to be with Him in heaven because of our yucky sin. So, since we cannot clean away our sins by ourselves, Jesus did it for us! "
"Mama, we already know that."- Emma Grace said in a matter of fact way. "We all have sin. Except for Jesus. He's the only One without the sinning."
Praise God that our children understand they are sinners. They both truly seem to understand that Jesus died for their sins, and they both understand that Jesus is God's Son. We are praying and praying for their salvation. What a blessed day it will be when our children ask Jesus into their heart!
"Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved."- Acts 4:12


  1. A great activity!!! We were just talking about this verse this week too!!!

  2. wonderful idea!!! another one i just might have to "steal" from you.
    suddenly, i find myself humming the old hymn "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus"

    ...no other fount I know, Nothing but the Blood of Jeeeee-e-sus! off i go humming while i purge our house of stuff.

  3. Love this illustration! I will definitely use this one!

  4. What a clever illustration! :) Laura sent me here (I have been out of blogging for awhile now!) to check it out...might have to steal it too. Copying is the highest form of flattery, you know! wink, wink! xoxo