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Monday, May 28, 2012

Our new chore charts

Last week, we started a new chore system at our house! The girls each have their own magnetic chore chart and every morning, they get to see which chores they have been assigned. The chore charts came with one dozen magnet tiles each, and I got to select the chores that were printed on the tiles. On Fridays, if the girls have completed all their daily chores throughout the week, they get to visit our treasure basket! I filled a basket with several small items that I found in the dollar aisle at Target and ta-da! The treasure basket was created! wink. The chore charts have also been a good tool for me, because the girls are really enjoying their chores and moving their magnets; then I'm not so tempted to do all the housework by myself. (Because I confess, there are some days when I've thought it's just easier to get everything done without little helping hands. But, I know that I need to be training and teaching our children these skills. Our new system has been a blessing for all of us!) It has been so fun to watch the girls light up at their big accomplishments! Some of their favorite chores include vaccuuming, taking out the garbage (??? I wasn't expected that!), and dusting. Here are a few pictures from our first week of chore chart excitement!
The goodies included everything from glow wands to ring pops! So fun!

Bella carefully considered her treasure. She had worked hard to earn it!

Bella decided on a Hello Kitty notebook and matching pink pen. Can you tell she still looks sleepy? The next picture will explain why...

The girls were up veeery early, and they were eager to complete all their chores at once. They wanted that treasure! I think they started making their chores at about 6:45am. ha ha!

Wubs and her new light up, squishy duck treasure.
 "We are not trying to please men but God, who tests our hearts."- 1 Thessalonians 2:4

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  1. Do you know that I have been eyeing charts like this on ETSY for about 6 months?!? They are so cute and I have thought they would work really well for our family too. Where did you end up getting yours? Did she cut you a deal for getting more than one? I love them!!!!