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Monday, February 4, 2013

a princess party

We attended a princess party this weekend! Bella's sweet friend, Miriam, invited us to help her celebrate her 5th birthday. It was a treat! We were supposed to dress up for the special party, so Bella decided she would be "Cinderella before the fairy comes". (Campbell girls, I am sure you recognize the dress! Thank you so much for blessing us!) I attended the party as Snow White. We had SO much fun!
Miriam, Snow White, and Bella

Cinderella (after the fairy) and Cinderella (before the fairy)- wink!

The girls were picking out a few snacks after their time at the Bippity Bobbity Boutique! Everyone got their hair styled and their nails painted.

Gracie and Bella

This is the cake I made for the party.

Miriam, blowing out five candles with Grandma!

Miriam's amazing mom, Sarah and me- the other Sarah  Snow White!


Big birthday hugs! So precious!

Miriam's grandma purchased little mice and then she sewed little clothes for all of them. The girls loved, loved, loved this adorable party favor!

It was a wonderful way to spend our Saturday morning! We are so thankful that God has blessed us with so many dear friends!
"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."- Matthew 6:33

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  1. You make a great Snow White! What a beautiful cake!!!