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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

everyone was staring at us...

Last week, I loaded up all three children for a trip to a doctor's appointment in Raleigh. The appointment was for Bella; it was a pre-op appointment for her upcoming ear tube removal. We had been in the car driving for about 40 minutes when we arrived at the ENT office. It was mid-afternoon, and I had one unhappy little boy with me. How could I have forgotten a paci? I was beginning to think I should have considered JJ's naptime when scheduling this appointment. wink. But, into the office we strolled...

When we checked in at the desk, I was asked to I complete all the usual forms. While I was busy with my assignment from the receptionist, the children enjoyed an awesome playroom. Wubs made a giant tower with soft blocks, Bella explored some books, and JJ rode around on a small duck shaped scooter.

Then the nurse called Bella's name. I scrambled to gather up my papers, insurance card, and diaper bag. The girls came over to me right away but JJ wanted to play longer. I stood up and said, "JJ, it's Bella's turn to see the doctor! Let's go this way!"  JJ let out a loud, "NOOO!" and he ran from me. I gave the nurse a quick don't-worry-this-will-only-take-a-second-to-grab-my-toddler  glance. "JJ, you need to obey mama. It's time to see the doctor."
"NOOOO! NOOOOO! NOOOO!"  I have to admit, I felt my face get a little warm. The waiting room was full and I was fully aware that all eyes were on us.
Wait a minute!  I thought to myself. These people  are looking at us! JJ was throwing his tantrum, the nurse was waiting, my arms were full, and everyone was staring at us. And as strange as this sounds... this was a GOOD thing!

God can use all things for His glory, including a temper tantrum in a busy doctor's office waiting room! Many people were watching us and at that very moment, I had a choice to make: I could respond in a Christlike way, or I could be tempted by my flesh and pride. God has been sanctifying me through motherhood and I've realized that I can either white knuckle the ride or I can enjoy the excitement! wink. I certainly don't always do it well, but I praise God for giving me the words and the disciplinary actions to train our children.  I am often reminded of the Truth in His word:

"Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven."- Matthew 5:16

(In the end, I responded by getting down to JJ's eye level, speaking to him firmly in love, and scooping him into my arms. I assigned Wubs the task of carrying the diaper bag, and Bella held the the clipboard with the paperwork. )

Yesterday we enjoyed a birthday party at Jumpin' Beans! It was such a fun time!
Bella is sitting by her sweet friend, Ella, the birthday girl!

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