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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Princess Camp 2013

(This picture pose was all Bella's idea; she wanted to "sit on the horse like a princess" so I could take her picture for her first day of camp! I love this sweet girl so much!)
Every morning this week, Bella is attending Pratt Princess Camp! Bella has been soooo excited about Princess Camp and she is loving it. Yesterday when I picked her up from camp, it was so fun to hear Bella talk non-stop about her activities, crafts, snacks, and games. I asked, "What was your very favorite part?". She thought for only a moment before she exclaimed, "Everything!!" We are so grateful for Bailey and Aubrey Pratt, the sisters who have prayed, planned, and prepared for this camp; their heart to serve and love on little ones is such a blessing!
And, while Bella was busy at camp, JJ decided to enjoy a little 'princess' time of his very own! wink! He loves music, and while I'm sure he'd prefer to jam to Thomas the Train... he settled for some princess tunes. ha ha!

"Look, mommy! I found the music player!"

"Wait. Seriously? This thing only plays princess music?"

"Maybe if I just adjust it a little to the left..." 
So sorry, son!
 "The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace."- Psalm 29:11

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