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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vacation Bible School 2013

After we returned home from the beach, our family went directly into VBS mode! wink. We all love vacation Bible school so much! We love studying God's Word, singing songs of praise, meeting new friends, and watching the Lord at work! Papa and Nana even came for the last night of VBS, so they got to see Wubs and Bella sing on stage. It was a wonderful week, filled with blessings!
Bella and Gracie, working on an activity in Ms. Elizabeth's classroom.

Wubs and Jamie during outdoor snack time.
JJ even got to attend a 2 year olds VBS class! He loved it!
One night, VBS was a little extra 'exciting' due to a tornado that passed through our town, about 3 miles away!  Here, Ms. Tiffany is giving Wub's class some instructions for a game since recreation could not be held outside.

Our children patiently waited in my office while we made last minute preparations each evening.

Bella's class was in the hallway, heading to theater time. Bella loved all the songs she learned this year!

Family picture!  (Every night of VBS, I dressed up like 'Cotton Candy Sarah'. It was fun wearing a tutu and pink hair for an entire week!  The night this picture was taken, Wubs was dressed up like her favorite VBS character, 'the dancer lady'.)

Emma Grace's teachers, Mr. Jerry and Ms. Vicki, dressed up like cotton candy, too! We love them so so much.
And, Mr. Jerry also sprayed a little pink in David's hair!

I took a few pictures of our children in front of some of the cute classroom decorations. Ms. Susan is always so creative!
We are so thankful for our church!
"A man's wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense."- Proverbs 19:11

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  1. Loved these pictures and your costume! You are too cute!