Our Journey Home

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear Baby #3,

Dear Baby #3,
I remember the morning that I found out you were growing inside my womb! I woke up really early, and while everyone else was still asleep, I took a pregnancy test. I thought I was going to pop with excitement while I waited for daddy to wake up to hear the good news! I laid back down in bed, just daydreaming about you! The moment our alarm clock went off, I popped right up and daddy knew right away I had something special to tell him. We both rejoiced and thanked God for you!

Your sisters were very happy to learn about you, too! They had all kinds of questions- were you a boy or a girl, when were you going to 'pop' out of my tummy, could they push your stroller, and many more! They had big plans to help feed you, give you a paci, and to hold you. You were so loved right from the very beginning!

Today was going to be the day we were going to meet you. The doctors had given us a due date of January 19, 2011. Although we miss you dearly, we know that one day, we'll get to meet you in heaven! I'm just certain that Jesus will give you a kiss for me today. We love you so much, and even though we only had 10 precious weeks with you, you are forever part of our family.

All my love,


  1. I can only imagine how Baby McNeill and Baby Weber are dancing with Jesus right now! What a precious sight! Love you friend!

  2. ...a sweet baby is awaiting for all of us to meet in heaven,along his great-grandmother,great grand-father,a sweet baby( Marcela),tio Joaquin and as we go through our journey you have as a special angel watching over you!...te quiero mucho!!!