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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Midnight Campbell 'McMeal'

We are the proud adoptive family of our very first pet! Midnight Campbell 'McMeal' is our sweet new hamster. (Emma Grace and Bella are convinced that our last name is McMeal, not McNeill. It sounds like we should be featured on the dollar value menu at McDonalds, huh? wink!) Our dear friends, the Campbell family, are preparing to serve the Lord overseas and they cannot bring Midnight on their journey. We love the Campbells and we are excited to watch God's plan as it continues to unfold for their family! This precious family of seven has blessed our lives so much. If you want to learn more about their call into the mission field, click here to take a peek at Christy's blog: http://www.aquiverfull-christy.blogspot.com/
***Warning- If you do decide to click on Christy's blog, be prepared- their story is aMaZiNg! You won't be able to pull yourself away from your computer!

Wubs and Bella love the movie Bolt. We had some fun the other day taking pictures of Wubs, pretending that Midnight was Rhino, a hamster hero from this cute movie.

"No one is as powerful as the Lord our God."- Exodus 8:10

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  1. This is going to sound gross but I want to give a small warning. When James and I got married we got a hamster. Within a month or so (I don't know how old he was, we got him from the SPCA), he had this stuff oozing out of his eyes and he was dead within days of that starting. I asked a vet about it later, and they said it was a brain infection, which is usually the most common way that small rodents die (I'm assuming other than getting lost and stuff ;)). Just a head's up of something to watch for!