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Friday, April 1, 2011

Field Trip Fun!

Wow! We had such a fun day today! Our field trip to the fire station was filled with adventure and excitement. When we arrived, we split up into two groups of about 12 children each. Our group started off in the 'bay' area which is where the firetrucks are parked. Emma Grace and Bella got to climb up on the firetrucks and sit inside! Then, we got to watch as fireman Jonathan put on his entire gear for us. It weighed nearly 85 pounds with the oxygen tank- whew! (Apparently the gear used to 'only weigh' 70 pounds but now they have new oxygen tanks that have a tracking device, in case a fireman falls through the floor, gets lost in the smoke, etc. I was learning a lot on this field trip, too! wink.) It was almost time for our group to go see the living quarters when all the alarms began to go off. Just a few miles up the road, a truck carrying a load of fireworks had overturned and caught on fire! We all gathered in the corner of the bay area and watched as the firemen ran to grab their gear, jump onto the trucks,turn on the sirens, and ZOOM-drive away! We certainly got a glimpse of the real fire station experience! After the trucks pulled out, we weren't sure if our field trip was over... everything was really quiet and empty. One of the mothers went to the administration office to ask if we should leave but there was still a chief left at the station, who was kind enough to finish our tour. (There are five chiefs in all- I think they rotate due to the long shifts.) The fire chief quickly became VERY popular because he gave every child a red fireman's hat, a sticker badge, a pencil, and a dalmation tatoo! I wish I could have taken more pictures but our camera batteries died. Here are the few that I did snap before it was too late! Emma Grace and two of her sweet friends, Genevieve and Ruby. It was SO chilly outside and the wind was really blowing!
Emma Grace, always eager to pose for a photo! Bella was still in her 'shy stage' since we had just arrived. I wonder when (or if) she'll outgrow this stage... wink.
Wubs was waiting her turn to climb onto the firetruck!
Group picture! Well, only half our group because we were split up in the beginning. After the alarm rang, we did combine groups but my camera had already died for any of the large group pictures. Bummer.
Emma Grace was pretending to be a firefighter after we got home. What a wonderful day!

"The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart, his mouth speaks."- Luke 6:45

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