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Monday, October 29, 2012

Photojournal: Bella's 5th birthday!


New flashlights for the sleepover!

Playing out in the dark with their glowing necklaces and flashlights.

Yum! Frosty treats at Wendy's, just the girls !( Daddy stayed home with JJ. )

It is still dark at 6:30am! wink. The girls started whispering at 6:30am and they were excited for the big day!

Bella's Hello Kitty Cowgirl cookie cake. I did my best to add the details that she requested!

Nana sent some Hello Kitty pez dispensers... they were a big hit!

Birthday skyping with Papa and Nana.

Watching Bella blow out FIVE candles made my eyes tear up. When did she get so big?

Yes, we had cookie cake for breakfast; it our family tradition that you get to pick your birthday breakfast!

JJ approved of Bella's birthday breakfast choice! wink!

Sweet girls! They love eachother so much!

After breakfast, we were off to Build a Bear. Thank you Papa, Nana, Grandpa, and Grandma for your gift! This was a super special treat!

Last stop, McDonalds for Bella's birthday lunch! What a fun morning!
Oh, I love you Bella!! You'll always be my baby girl, no matter how big you get! xoxoxoxoxo!!!
"All the believers were one in heart and mind."- Acts 4:32

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