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Thursday, July 25, 2013

in the storm

The other day, I took the children for a walk around our neighborhood. (Even JJ was walking... no more stroller! He is a big boy! wink.) We had gotten about a ten minutes into our stroll when the sky started to look really dark and the wind began to blow. In no time at all, we found ourselves in a downpour! I enjoyed watching how differently our children reacted to the sudden storm. Wubs was thrilled, happily jumping in the puddles and walking with her mouth gaping open in hopes of catching a raindrop. Bella was a little unsure until she saw her sister's excitement and then she joined in the puddle hopping. They were really cute, having fun together!

I would have expected our little boy to be in the puddles and squealing with delight, but instead, JJ wanted me to carry him. He nuzzled his head into my neck and wrapped his arms around me tightly. He wasn't upset, but he also did not want me to put him down. JJ's response was such a precious reminder of the comfort I can always find in Christ when I'm in the midst of life's storms. I don't have to be afraid, but I can trust He will always be with me, to carry me. I couldn't stop smiling.  It was such a special memory and I praised God for the sweet reminder of His faithfulness.

We are having lots and lots of fun with the sprinkler and the hose this summer! Yesterday, Wubs made a 'mouse' while we were outside... God has given her such creativity!

I love this sweet smile.

JJ and our neighbor, Charlee!


Charlee told me to take her picture when she counted to three, so I could get a picture of the water on her head. wink.
"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and with all your strength."Deuteronomy 6:5

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