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Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Shower(s)!

What a very special baby shower weekend! (Never ever did I think we would have a baby shower since this is our third baby. And we were blessed with TWO showers - on the same weekend! WOW! I'm telling you... God spoils our family!) On Friday night, our dear friends, the Thorntons, hosted a homegroup diaper shower for Baby J.J. We had so much fun enjoying a time of prayer, snacking, and chatting with people we love. (And Emma Grace and Bella enjoyed a great time over at the Cottrell's house during this baby shower, so daddy and mommy got a date night/ baby shower combo!) I brought our camera but I left my pocketbook out in our car. I remember at one point thinking, "I should really go grab our camera..." but the night disappeared very quickly and no photos! Ooops! We made some precious memories, even if they didn't get documented by our camera. wink. On Saturday morning, my precious friends, Becky and Stacee, hosted another shower! This time, the shower was 'mommies only' and we had a wonderful time together. The decorations were super cute- I had to snap some photos of all the blue details! wink. We played games, ate delicious snacks, and laughed a lot. It was such a treat! (David took Emma Grace and Bella on a lunch date, so they had a special Saturday morning, too.) When I got home from the baby shower, the girls helped me put away all J.J's new toys, baby accessories, and sweet gifts. I feel SO blessed to have such precious sisters in Christ! Below are just a few pictures from the big day: "Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord."- Psalm 31:24

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  1. What a blessing!! So glad that you were able to enjoy these times as you anticipate JJ's arrival! It was decorated so beautiful! LOVE all the blue! ♥