Our Journey Home

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweetest Surprise

Yesterday morning, I came into our office to check my email, when I realized that our house was really quiet. The girls had been playing Polly Pockets together and giggles were filling the living room but now, all of a sudden, it was quiet. Hmmmmm... I had better go investigate. wink.
I walked through the living room, retrieving Polly Pocket's earmuffs that had been left behind during clean up, and continued into the girls' bedroom. I found Bella happily playing with a few stuffed animals and a shopping cart. I peeked into their closet (it's a big walk in closet where we keep all the bins of toys, so we refer to it as the 'play room') and it was empty. "Bella, where's Wubs?"
"I don't know."
Our house isn't big, but even though I was going room to room, I couldn't find Emma Grace. "Wubs? Wubs?"
Finally, a litte voice emerged from our pantry/ laundry room. "Don't come in here mommy! I have a surprise for you!"
A minute later, Emma Grace ran out from the laundry room with the biggest smile across her face. "Come with me, mommy! I made you a surprise!"
I followed Emma Grace through our kitchen and into our pantry, where the floor was covered with piles of folded laundry! My eyes filled up with tears! I gave Emma Grace the biggest hug and told her it was the sweetest surprise she's ever given me. It blessed my heart that she took the initiative to fold that laundry all by herself. I should have taken a picture of Emma Grace with her laundry piles, but I was too busy kissing that precious little face! wink! Instead, I did find this picture I took the other week when the girls were learning how to help me with dusting.
"For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."- Matthew 18:19


  1. ..what a little sweetheart!,she is learning from such a loving mommy!!

  2. How precious! I would have been crying for sure! :) Thanks for sharing your precious moments.