Our Journey Home

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Will you forget about me?"

Early every morning, David and I hear little feet scamper into our bedroom. Bella is always awake before anyone else, and she likes to come into our bed to snuggle. Sometimes she'll even fall back to sleep for a little while. She always comes to my side of the bed, crawls up, and nestles in. It's my good morning treat each day!
And some mornings, Emma Grace wakes up early and crawls into our bed, too! (Not often, though. She usually sleeps an hour later than her sister.) This morning, David got up to take a shower and I was about to get up with Bella when Wubs popped into our room. She wanted to snuggle for a little bit too, so the three of us girls stayed in bed for an extra few minutes. J.J. was awake and kicking, entertaining his sisters! Then Wubs asked me,
"Mommy, you know how babies are really cute? Well, when J.J. pops out... will you forget about me? Will you and daddy just love J.J. so much that you will forget to love me and Bella?"

Oh, that sweet girl! I assurred her that when Jesus puts babies inside of mommy tummies, He always puts extra love inside their hearts as well! So I'll have extra love, enough for ALL my children. When David came back into the bedroom, I told him about Wubs' question. He reassurred her as well, and gave her plenty of kisses and tickles. Bless her heart!

Yesterday Nana sent us a package with some treats! We did a little science experiment with our Peeps candy! Emma Grace LOVED watching the Peeps expand in the microwave.
Hmmm... what will happen when you put a cute, innocent little Peep in the microwave? Wubs thought the Peep would get hot and melt into a puddle.
Let's open the microwave and allow our first victim, er, Peep, to go for a 30 second ride.
Wait for it....
Ta Da! The Peep grew really big inside the microwave, but as soon as we opened the door, it deflated. We ate the melted marshmellow and enjoyed our experiment three more times!
"Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned."- Mark 16:15-16


  1. Awww...sweet girl!! I love your answer to her!

  2. Oh the blowing up of the Peeps.. be sure to share this experiment with Todd and Louise. Todd loves to blow up Peeps in the microwave!