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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bella's emergency tooth extraction

Yesterday began bright and early, and nothing seemed unusual; it was another blessed day at our house! JJ woke up before his sisters, so I fed him breakfast and started a load of laundry. I heard a little pair of feet scamper into the living room and I kissed the top Bella's head as she snuggled with her blanket on the couch to enjoy a little PBS Kids on television. I ironed David's clothes, changed a stinky diaper, wiped down the kitchen counter, etc, etc. I had an eye on the clock because we were supposed to help take down Christmas decorations at the church at 9am. Wubs woke up and joined Bella in the living room. We all kissed daddy good-bye as he left for work and I got dressed. By this time the girls were hungry for breakfast and we were right on schedule. Hooray! I walked into the kitchen and that's when I looked at Bella's face. Oh...my...goodness. I couldn't believe she had been awake for nearly an hour and I hadn't noticed. I guess she was laying on the couch in such a way that I didn't get a good look at the left side of her face, but when that she was standing in front of me, I had to fight the urge to allow my jaw to drop open. Half of her bottom lip was swollen up over her top lip and her left cheek was extremely puffy. I reached for her cheek and she quickly pulled away. Her cheek was hot to the touch. I asked Bella if her mouth was hurting and she replied, "No. I don't want to go to the dentist." She allowed me to peek inside her mouth. Her gums on the bottom left side were so swollen that her teeth and gumline were nearly at the same level. Her gums were a redish-purplish color. "Oh baby, that looks like it hurts. Mommy needs to call daddy." I immediately called David and told him about Bella's mouth. We knew that she had some cavities- our last dentist appointment had been on December 18. Our family dentist reffered us to a specialist due to Bella's extreme sensitivity to dental work. The pediatric dental specialist was out of our insurance network, so we were in the process of getting an appointment approved. David told me to go ahead and make the appointment. I called the specialist and I told the nurse that Bella's mouth was swollen and hot to the touch. We had to go immediately, even though the specialist was booked all day. It was such a blessing that the doctor was able to work us in to the schedule. We found out that one of Bella's cavities had become absessed and infected, so yesterday our baby girl got one of her molars pulled out. As you can imagine, it was a pretty tramatic, eventful day. She now has an 'appliance' in her mouth, basically a piece of metal that is holding open that space for her adult molar. Below are a few pictures before bed last night. Bella had just eaten a popsicle and she was getting ready to leave her tooth for the tooth fairy. We are praying for healing for our little girl's mouth and for road ahead with various other teeth issues. The Lord has blessed our family abundantly and we rejoice that we get the opportunity to be Bella's daddy and mommy.
**Update*** The tooth fairy came! Bella woke up this morning and found 5 one dollar bills next to her empty tooth treasure chest! She smiled her little swollen smile and said, "Mama! I have enough dollars to give one to Emmett, one to Gracie, one to Zachary, one for Wubs and one for me!!!!!" Thank you, Jesus, for this precious child that delights in giving to others. Please Lord, continue to guide us as parents as we disciple Bella, and encourage her heart for giving and loving others the way You love us. "Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble."- 1 Peter 3:8


  1. oh no!!! poor baby girl. i sure hope it wasn't all those Smarties Mrs. Shay loves share. gulp.
    tooth aches are NO fun at all. I have one who doesn't do well at the dentist, so i completely understand Bella's fears.
    give her hugs from the Shays in PA. :)

  2. Hugs from nana and papa for bella

    Lucy says - ri ruv rou Rella. ret retter roon.

  3. Ohh no, no fun little Bella! That's a big day for such a sweet girl! Hugs from the Morrisons

  4. Poor sweet baby! Her little face is so swollen - but praise God that she had purposed to share her dollars! Talk about a silver lining during a tough few days!