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Monday, January 9, 2012

Play-doh is non-toxic. (Whew!)

The girls were given a wonderful Play-doh toy this year for Christmas from their cousins. It is a birthday cake making station, and let me just say, it is so neat! When Wubs and Bella asked to play with their new gift, I was more than happy to lay out a plastic tablecloth on our kitchen table and help them get started! (I wanted to try it out, too!)
I assembled the birthday cake making station and opened all the fresh new Play-doh tubs. I played with the cupcake making toy- er, I mean, I demonstrated how to make cupcakes- and the girls were making colorful creations in no time! JJ woke up from his nap, so I went to get him out of his crib. We returned to the kitchen just in time for Bella to ask me to fill the Play-doh frosting squirter. Cool! JJ seated on my hip, I grabbed a glob of Play-doh and began to help Bella with one hand. However, I took my eyes off of JJ for two, maybe three seconds. I mean, he was on my hip... how could anything happen to him?
I got the pretend frosting squirter filled and handed it to Bella. That's when I looked over at little man. Bright green drool was dripping from his mouth. Aaah! Finger sweep, finger sweep. He looked startled by me reaching into his mouth to take away his 'snack'. My mind was swirling with many different thoughts- Surely Play-doh is non toxic?? Clean it out of his mouth, get it all out! I squeezed his cheeks together and peeked inside his mouth. Green was covering the roof and sides of his mouth. I reached for the towel drawer and grabbed a clean washcloth. I started wiping out his mouth and rotating the cloth for another clean section to use. By this time, Wubs and Bella saw the excitement that was transpiring. "Mommy! JJ ate play-doh! It's in his mouth!!!" I was trying to stay calm but I could feel my heart racing!
Thankfully, play-doh is non-toxic. And I have learned my lesson about JJ's super fast grab and gulp trick. wink! Plus, I don't think he actually consumed too much. The truth was in the diapie. ha ha!
"I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken."- Psalm 16:8


  1. Your blog looks LOVEly! What a great story about the playdoh!It will make JJ's poopy diapers very festive over the next day! By the way, JJ has grown so much. He looks so big sitting up and smiling! Oh I miss your kids Best Friend. Love you!