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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Homegroup fun

Every month our homegroup comes together to share a meal, pray, and study God's Word.(A homegroup is kind of like a Sunday school class, but instead of gathering together at the church, we meet together in someone's home.) We love all the families in our homegroup and we have thanked God many times for their friendship! Our homegroup just finished up a Bible study called The Truth Project, so when we came together last weekend, we had a game night. We played several Minute to Win It games, and it was hilarious!
Cup stacking... this is harder than it looks! wink.

David vs. Shonna! We were playing guys against gals.

This was a cereal box puzzle. Talk about intense, ha ha! Thank you Jeff and Laura for preparing so many fun games!

This game involved stacking six dice on a popsicle stick.

Chris vs Bobbey!

I was trying so hard, but David was victorious!

This was the hardest game by far. You had to flick the cup using only a pencil and your partner had to catch it on a pencil.

Sorry, Ruth! I know I was a lousy partner! wink.

Another cup stacking game. I think this is when we stopped keeping store... the guys were dominating!

This was f.u.n.n.y! Using a spaghetti noodle, you had to pick up four penne pasta pieces.

Ruth was a champ at this game!

(This picture makes me laugh every time!)

Patrick and Shonna were attempting to blow their cups off the end of the table using a straw.

Thank you so much, Jake and Ruth, for hosting homegroup this month!
 "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Jesus Christ."-Romans 3:23-24

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