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Friday, January 18, 2013

my favorite age

Sometimes I just watch our children and I think, "I wish I could save this very moment." I can't belive how fast they are growing! I am so thankful for the blessing of being a mommy, and I thank God for each of our children. He is SO very good to us! 
When Wubs was just a baby, a wise friend told me that I'll find out that 'my favorite age' of children will always be the current age of my own children. She was right! I love the age of seven- Wubs has such a tender heart and I treasure our conversations together. And I love the age of five- Bella is eager to learn new things and she always excited to help with chores. (Sometimes her excitement motivates me to do one more load of laundry!  Our little girl LOVES to match and fold some socks!) Oh, and the sweetness of one and a half; what a wonderful age! JJ is talking and talking, and he is so cute in his attempts to be independent!
The years seem to be flying by and  I want to savor our time with our children. I know one day I'll look back and realize that even the regular, every day routines were actually very special moments in the making! wink. 

"We who are strong out to bear with the falings of the weak and not to please ourselves."- Romans 15:1

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