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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

daughters of Eve

Our family is currently studying Genesis, both in our homeschool curriculum and also at church. We just started a new curriculum in children's ministry called The Gospel Project, and  I love it that our girls are both learning the same scriptures and Bible stories every week!

We use our refridgerator door as our homeschool classroom bulletin board, and we change out the decorations often to reflect what we are learning.( Sidenote: Now that JJ is walking and into everything, we are a little limited to the space on the fridge we can use for our projects; everything has to be up out of his reach to prevent the possible doom for beautiful creations. However, we are still making it work! wink.) This week, we have been talking about the very first sin and the deception of satan. The girls each made an apple and a serpent.

While we were making our craft I talked to the girls about Eve.

"Do you know what I think is interesting when I read about the very first sin? I think that it is interesting that Eve didn't gobble up the entire apple. She knew that she was disobeying God, so she decided to just take one little bite. Are there ever times when you know that you are being naughty, but you still do it?  Because of that one little bite, sin entered the whole world! Hmmmmm. Before Eve got so tempted by satan that she took a bite, can you think of anyone she could have talked to first?"

"She could have told Adam about that tricky mean snake."- Wubs said.
"JESUS!"- Bella exclaimed.

"You are both right. Eve should have talked to her husband and she should have prayed to ask God to help her make a wise choice. Satan wanted to trick Eve, so he waited until she was alone so she couldn't ask her husband. And satan also tricked Eve by trying to make her believe that God didn't want what was best for her. Satan loves to tell us lies, doen't he?"

"Yes. He loves lies and tricks!"-Wubs said very matter-of-factly.

"Well, you know how Adam was the very first man, and Eve was the very first woman? They had  babies and they grew up and then they had babies. And those babies grew up and had more babies. Their family grew and grew over thousands of years and thousands of years! Do you know that if we looked at our family tree and we looked all the waaaaaay back to the very beginning of our family, do you know who we would find?"

"No."- both girls answered.

"It would be Adam and Eve, the very first people that God made!"
"WOW!!!   Mama, you are right!"- Wubs really got it! "That is amazing!"

"I know it is amazing! So that makes all of us- Wubs, Bella, and mommy- it makes all of us daughters of Eve! And just like Eve, we get tempted to sin, don't we? Satan is still up to his old tricks, and sometimes, just like Eve, we believe his lies. Sometimes, we think that we can take a little bite of the apple, don't we? But what can we do when we are tempted?"

"Tell Jesus."- Bella replied.
"Go find a grown up, too?" Wubs asked.

"Yep! You can pray and talk to God! Do you have a husband yet?"

"NOOO!" The girls both giggled.

"Well, since you don't have a husband, you can talk to daddy and mommy when you are trying to make a decision or if you are having a hard time with something. Like maybe it's really hard for you to have a happy heart when you do your chores. If you pray and ask God to change your heart, He will always hear you. And you can tell daddy and mommy, so we can try to help you too. "

Then the girls both proceeded to confess some of their sins and temptations to me. It was precious. I did my best to offer some suggestions to help them and then we prayed for God to help us in the areas that we are tempted. David and I are so thankful for our children, and for teachable moments just like this. We are excited about what the Lord is doing within their hearts!
"Then the Lord God said to the woman, "What is this you have done?" The woman said, "The serpent decieved me, and I ate."- Genesis 3:13

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  1. What a wonderful lesson! You are a great Mommy and I'm so glad that we got to let the kids play today!